Help Further Conservation: Become a CLfT Facility

Each one of our Facilities plays an integral role in the success of our program. Each Facility provides the venue for which CLfT can promote conservation and educate participants on the values of hunting. CLfT is interested in expanding to professional facilities; if you are interested in partnering with CLfT, please contact Zach Lowe, CLfT Director, at

Each of our CLfT locations involves a summer training and orientation session (2 days) for the regional instructors. This corresponds with a workshop (4.5 days) in the fall or winter, which includes 26-32 people. Once on site, most CLfT activities are self-sustaining; we bring the majority of our equipment and materials with us. The following provides an accurate assessment of what basic resources are required for each event at a CLfT host facility:

Event I: CLfT Instructor Training and Orientation Session (summer: May-August)
Dinning* and lodging** for 12-16 instructors for a period of 48 hours over 3 days (½ day, full day, ½ day).
Additional event needs:

  • Classroom space for 12-16
  • Access and use of the clay target range for half a day.
    • Event II: CLfT Workshop (fall/winter: September-March)
      Dinning* and lodging** for 26-32 people comprised of 16 participants, 10-14 instructors, and occasionally an assistant or observers may attend. Program administrators may arrive a day earlier, to set up the field exercises and classroom, whereas the majority of the instructors arrive late in the afternoon on the first day. For student workshops, participants arrive by early afternoon on Thursday- all depart by noon on Sunday. At the Agency workshops, participants arrive by Monday afternoon and depart by Friday afternoon.
      Additional event needs:

      • Classroom space for 26-32.
      • Short (1-1.5 hour) afternoon tour of the facility for participant's perspective, if facility desires.
      • Access and use of the clay target range and additional outdoor spaces for field exercises.
      • Use of hunting field, guides/dogs, and game cleaning station.
      • Access to a fire pit, if available.
      • * CLfT can cater in meals from a local source if necessary.
        ** Multiple room occupancy; students may “camp” on the floor in sleeping bags, bed rolls, and on spare mattresses as needed.