CLfT Instructors

CLfT instructors are a critical element in fulfilling the mission of the program. CLfT instructors bring insight, professional experience, and personal perspectives that directly relate to hunting and how it shapes conservation. Each instructor offers a diversity of teaching talents and individual passion that they share with participants over the course of the workshops.

Currently, CLfT has a nationwide network of more than 150 instructors that include university faculty, state and federal agency personnel, non-profit organizations, and dedicated hunter-conservationist. Regardless of their background many CLfT instructors cite their time during CLfT as one of the year’s highlights. To see a list of all CLfT instructors, click here.

Before becoming an instructor, all must complete a detailed training and orientation session to familiarize them with the CLfT mission, procedures, and program. With program growth, the recruitment of instructors is critical to the success of CLfT.