CLfT Turns 10

After a concern was raised at the 66th Session of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resource Conference and a series of discussions among wildlife professionals, CLfT was created to address the decline of hunters and individuals without an exposure to hunting who had a desire to enter the wildlife management field. The Wildlife Management Institute, with support from the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, prepared a curriculum and invited instructors to a three-day training session at the McGraw Foundation in July 2005. Eleven persons participated in that first training session.

The first workshops were held in October 2005, at the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation. A total of 39 students attended, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Penn State University and University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

From those workshops, the program was further refined. Based on pre- and post-workshop surveys of the participating students, and from the evident interest and enthusiasm exhibited by the students, plus their comments during and after each workshop, the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation agreed to support the growth of the program and its expansion to other universities and workshop facilities.

In 2010, CLfT began offering a Professional Workshop to natural resource agency personnel who did not hunt or have exposure to hunting. These workshops have proven to also be successful and are offered to all 50 state and 3 federal wildlife and natural resource agencies.

To date CLfT has conducted 82 Workshops providing this crucial conservation education to over 1200 participants.

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