Hunting for Conservation Online

Hunting for Conservation - Online was developed specifically for University Students majoring in a natural resource program that has never hunted or been exposed to hunting through a family member or friend. Course content will explore the conservation theories, policy, and practices that apply to hunting and the sustainable uses of wildlife in North America. Content for the program was developed by the CLfT staff, and over 20 CLfT instructors who provided talent and energy to the digital content. This program is hosted and developed in partnership with Purdue University-Online. Material for the program was developed from the Hunting for Conservation in-person curriculum and is intended to serve as a virtual textbook and learning experience that can be used independently by students or preferably incorporated into a University’s “for credit” course work. Much like a good textbook, the content is high quality and builds the foundation for additional enrichment discussions and field exercises either on-campus or through local networks.