Hunting for Conservation Online

The Hunting for Conservation Online (HfC) program is designed specifically for university students majoring in natural resources who do not hunt and provide them with an understanding of the diverse values and important roles of hunting in North America.  Course material is based on many of the same principles and goals of the face-to-face Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow university workshop (CLfT). 

Through over a dozen modules, students explore the conservation theories, policy, and practices that apply to hunting and the sustainable uses of wildlife in North America. Content for the program was developed by CLfT staff and over two dozen CLfT instructors and presented in the forms of video presentations, written materials, and assessments.   The program is intended to serve as a virtual textbook and learning experience that can be used independently by students or incorporated into a university’s “for credit” course work. The high-quality content provides a foundation for additional discussions and field exercises either on-campus or through local networks.

The program is hosted in partnership with Purdue University-Online Learning.  It will be available for general enrollment in June 2021.  (Scholarship programs are running currently).

Upon successful completion, the student receives a certificate and an electronic badge.

For more information, contact Program Managers Joli Vollers ( ) or Scott Craven (