Student, Penn State University

I have learned that hunters are this diverse group that should not be judged by their worst participants but by their continuing ethics that lead them to be fair and passionate individuals.

Participant, State Agency

I learned a great deal and feel much better equipped to complete my job duties within the agency

Instructor, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

I have seen first-hand how deeply CLfT affects the students who attend. They come away with a pivotal experience that will be with them their entire careers.

Student, Ohio State University

I learned so much and am so happy I came. The instructors did such a good job of being patient with us, not forcing us into anything, and conveying the deep passion they have for hunting, and this experience was so fantastic because of that.

Agency Chief of Operations

This program is a real active tenant positively addressing these things...the interactions they have here make stronger natural resource managers for the future.

Student, University of Maine

This should be a mandatory workshop for all natural resource students, professionals, and professors!

Student, University of Wisconsin - Madison

This is an excellent way to introduce wildlife students to something that could potentially help their careers. Thank you so much for this opportunity. All the leaders were wonderful, kind, patient, passionate, and knowledgeable; and this is truly an experience that will not be forgotten.