CLfT Online - Hunting for Conservation (HfC) is an online professional development program designed specifically for university students majoring in natural resources who do not hunt and provides them with an understanding of the diverse values and important roles of hunting in North America.  Course material is based on many of the same principles and goals of our in-person Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow (CLfT) workshops for natural resource agency employees.

Through several modules, students explore the conservation theories, policy, and practices that apply to hunting and the sustainable uses of wildlife in North America. Content for the program was developed by CLfT staff and over two dozen CLfT instructors and presented in the forms of video presentations, written materials, and assessments.   

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a certificate and an electronic badge.

Why should you take CLfT Online?

  • No matter what your future role in conservation, you WILL come in contact with hunters and hunting. It could be a one-time contact or a regular professional interaction. If you have no hunting experience or exposure to hunting through family or friends, learning what hunting is all about can be important.
  • You will learn the historic and present role of hunting in conservation, wildlife management, and habitat protection, use, and enhancement. Hunting has a rich heritage and remains a viable, relevant activity in America.
  • You will also learn in detail who hunters are, why, and how they hunt. This knowledge will assist you in career interactions with hunters and hunting interests.
  • HfC is also a resume builder! Agencies and NGOs need well rounded employees who can appreciate and work with the great diversity of conservation stakeholders, including hunters.
  • The Wildlife Society allows 14 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in Category l of the Certified Wildlife Biologist Renewal/ Professional Development Certificate Program.

Program Content Summary

Module 1                   Motivations & Demographics of American Hunters

Module 2                   Hunter Safety and Education

                                                Firearms and Archery Demonstrations

Module 3                   Hunting Methods and Equipment

Module 4                   Hunting in Wildlife Conservation: Past, Present, and Future

                                                 Part 1 - Public Trust and the North American Model
                                                 Part 2 - Career Relevancy of the “User pay – Public benefit” System

Module 5                   The Biological Basis of Hunting

Module 6                   Wildlife Laws, Regulations, and Enforcement

Module 7                   Hunter Responsibility and Ethics 

Module 8                   Role of Hunting in Society

Module 9                   Game as Food                                             

Module 10                 Hunting Types

                                                 Part 1 – Specific Types of Hunting
                                                 Part 2 – Hunting with Dogs             

Module 11                 Contemporary Management Issues

Module 12                 A Hunt - Before, During, and After

Module 13                 Effective Communication                                  

                                  Pathways to Become a Hunter

If you are interested and/ or have questions about taking HfC online please contact us at