CLfT Curriculum

CLfT's teaching philosophy is to incorporate leading science, policy, and practice of natural resource management as it relates to hunting and conservation. This is complemented by a highly interactive learning environment that integrates field experiences throughout the workshops.

Program material is generally broken down into roundtable discussions and field exercises. Roundtables are classroom and small group discussions. Field exercises allow participants hands-on exposure to relatable skill sets.

Roundtable topics include:

  • Hunter Demographics, Motivations, Responsibilities, & Ethics
  • Safety, Laws, & Regulations
  • Biological, Social, and Professional Aspects of Hunting & Conservation
  • Contemporary Management & Policy Issues

Field Exercises include:

  • Hunting Safety & Firearms Basics
  • Differences Between Shotgun, Rifle, & Archery Hunting
  • Opportunity to Participate in a Mentored Upland Bird Hunt
  • Necessary Considerations for Game Harvest Storage & Preparation