Ringneck Ranch sign

Ringneck Ranch is located on land homesteaded in 1872, a time when the Cheyenne and herds of buffalo still roamed central Kansas.  The ranch sits isolated in a pristine prairie valley looking out on the Blue Hills range.

Travel instructions

From Beloit, Kansas Airport
Left: 1/2 mile
Left: North on Hwy 14, 1 mile
Left: West on Hwy 24 to Cawker City, home of the World’s Largest Ball of Twine.
Left: South on Lake Drive, across Waconda Lake
causeway to the end of the southbound Hwy.
Right: West on the blacktop road, which turns south
to TiptonThrough: Tipton, then south 3 miles to Houghton Ranch sign & Ringneck Ranch sign
Left: East 1 mile to Ringneck Ranch.

From Salina, Kansas and all points east (like Kansas City)
West on 1-70 to the Sylvan Grove
Exit #209 (or if time permits, take Exit #206 to drive by the scenic Wilson Lake.)
Right: North on Hwy 181 through Sylvan Grove to Hunter.
Left: West on Hwy 181 four miles which turns…
Right: North on Hwy 181 four miles…
when you make the “S” curve across the creek on Hwy 181, it will be 3/4 mile to the Houghton Ranch sign & Ringneck Ranch sign,
Right: East at the Houghton Ranch sign, 1 mile to Ringneck Ranch.

655 Solomon Lane
Tipton, KS 67485