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Visiting Assistant Professor
The Ohio State University
(336) 214-0397
I work as a wildlife ecologist in The Ohio State University’s Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Laboratory. As a faculty member in the School of Environment and Natural Resources, I have a split research and teaching appointment. Research interests include outdoor recreation participation and access, game species population modeling and management, habitat and pollinator conservation on rights-of-way, and stewardship of private woodlands. I instruct Wildlife Ecology Methods, Wildlife Habitat Mgt, and senior Capstone courses. I serve on the state board for the Ohio Chapter of The Wildlife Society and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.
I start with my professional interests because they are fueled in large part from my personal passions. I have a traditional introduction to the outdoors from my father. He continues to be my best hunting buddy, and my daughters accompany me on many outdoor adventures as well. My interests center on public land hunting both in the East and out West with adventure-style backpack hunting as my true passion. In the last decade, I have broadened my pursuits to include fishing and foraging, always with an emphasis on putting food on the table and making memories with family and friends.