Randy Knapik

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Postdoctoral Research Associate
Michigan State University
Randy Knapik is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Fisheries and Wildlife Department at Michigan State University. He is an Indiana native, but considers himself to be a Michigander by default since he spent the majority of his life on the water at his family’s lake cottage in Van Buren County. He was introduced to wildlife conservation by chasing cottontails and whitetails in the fields of the Midwest with his father and uncle. Randy received his Bachelor’s degree at Purdue University, completed his Master’s degree at Ohio State University researching survival and microhabitat use of northern bobwhite, and recently finished he Ph.D. at Michigan State University studying movement and demographics of mute swans in Michigan. Randy began as an Intern with CLfT in 2009 and has been instructing at workshops since 2010.