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Extension 4-H Natural Resource Specialist
Clemson University
Rick wears many different hats at Clemson University. He serves as the state's Extension 4-H Natural Resource Specialist with primary responsibilities of leading the state's 4-H shooting sports program. He also serves as coordinator for the University's shooting sports program which provides over 40+ hands-on classes for Clemson students which include shotgun, riflery, archery and hunting courses. Rick also manages the University owned shooting facility and serves as head coach for the competitive and highly successful Collegiate shotgun team. Rick has a BS and MS in wildlife management from Clemson University. He is married to his wonderful wife, Melody, for 20+ years and has two sons, age 19 and 22. Rick enjoys hunting and fishing with family and friends and in doing his part in the conservation of our wonderful natural resources. Rick brings his shooting education skills and his understanding of the role of hunters in conservation to the CLfT program.