Sara Mueller

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Ph.D. Candidate
The Pennsylvania State University

Sara Mueller is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with both an undergraduate (Schreyer Honors College, 2014) and Masters degree (2016) in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. She is now pursuing her PhD, evaluating the physical and genetic variation of brook trout across Pennsylvania. Sara's past research has focused on aquatic ecology ranging from community interactions with invasive species to metabarcoding eDNA samples for aquatic organisms. Through her work, Sara advocates for the integration of knowledge between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems; and encourages collaboration and cooperation across respective disciplines. Sara is also adjunct faculty at Penn State Dubois teaching natural resources policy and animal identification. Outside of academics, Sara enjoys fishing, teaching hunter education courses, hiking and camping with her dog, and nature photography. Sara currently serves on both the PA chapter of the Wildlife Society and the PA chapter of the American Fishery Society executive boards.